Thursday, December 18, 2008

Groups We Like : Better Than Good

One of our favorite big groups on Flickr is the group "Better Than Good". Even though the group is large it is moderated to perfection. Better Than Good has a village feel to it. What we mean is this ; the members always use the award code, they seem never to dump and run, and they always invite pictures from the "invitation thread. The admins of Monochrome Delight also take our hats off to the stellar work that their members post. It shows that the members really like and respect the group.
One of the admins of the group (Wildcard Poet) had this to say on running a good group;


"Better Than Good was the brainchild of Jeff Rinehart in late Aug. 2007. As one of his Contacts I was invited to join, and initially offered to make html codes for the group. The unusual (some might say quirky) and completely distinctive images used in the codes were chosen by Jeff from his own photostream.

I could see that some of his goals for the group needed to be clarified, and I could tell by his response to my questions that he was open to suggestions on how things might be set up. And then the big question: once the group was in shape, did he want me to invite all my Contacts to join?

He did, and some heady days followed. The group just took off, and hasn't stopped growing. (Right now--Dec 08--we are the 17th largest group on Flickr in terms of members). The biggest problem turned out to be how to maintain a high standard of images in the pool while encouraging members to stick around and view other people's images and give out the group award. We tried everything we could think of, and eventually the message was received.

I would say that for me personally, the fact that the group is still a place where a fine image will receive the 5 or 10 awards necessary to be posted in our honors threads is the most rewarding part of having worked hard to make the group a success. Seeing the finest artists on Flickr posting regularly to the group, having page after page loaded with "better than good" images, trying to choose among scores of brilliant artistic images in each contest, is truly gratifying.

I'd recommend the experience to anyone."

If you ever get invited to post at Better Than Good, consider it a compliment to your ability as a photographer and/or artist.

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