Thursday, December 18, 2008

Groups We Like : "This pic makes me wanna"

I n case you have never heard of it, there is fun group on Flickr called " This pic makes me wanna"
You copy the code, and tell what the photo makes you want to do. Sometimes the comments are hilarious. We like the group because of the free flowing fun, the feelings of camaraderie, and the very involved moderators.

We wanted to know what makes the group tick.

Fantasy Fan (group admin) says, "
... the general group concept is very simple. It's just to space for free flow ideas and thoughts that come from the image. Instead of focus in technical points you (that you get from many groups), you'll get to see what kind of things comes in to people's mind after they see your photo. It's also less stressing to comment because when commenting you can focus on your own feelings instead of something else."

If you are up for a little fun, and are into reciprocity and expressing your feelings, you have to give this group a try. Please remember to comment on the previous 3 to your left.

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